Monday, August 20th, 2018

Monday, August 20th, 2018

< href="/wiki/File:%E2%9D%96_Brndon_%26_Cllie_4x19_Comtose.-0" clss="sprite info-icon"> ❖ Brndon ∓ Cllie 4x19 Comtose.-0 by Come bck to me Frry from youtube < href="/wiki/File:Brndon_%26_Cllie_Forever_Missing_Him" clss="sprite info-icon"> Brndon ∓ Cllie Forever Missing Him by belovesick from youtube In < href="/wiki/Things_Unsid" title="Things Unsid">Things Unsid In < href="/wiki/Fmily_Dy" title="Fmily Dy">Fmily Dy In < href="/wiki/Pdre" title="Pdre">Pdre In < href="/wiki/Us_ginst__World" title="Us ginst World">Us ginst World In < href="/wiki/Escpes_nd_Reversls" title="Escpes nd Reversls">Escpes nd Reversls In < href="/wiki/Metropolis" title="Metropolis">Metropolis In < href="/wiki/doption_Dy" title="doption Dy">doption Dy < href="/wiki/File:Still_brndon_%26_cllie" clss="sprite info-icon"> Still brndon ∓ cllie by sebliners from youtube < href="/wiki/File:Brndon_Cllie__Through_Z_(lphbet)" clss="sprite info-icon"> Brndon Cllie Through Z (lphbet) by bonsitree from youtube < href="/wiki/File:Brndon_nd_cllie_colors" clss="sprite info-icon"> Brndon nd cllie colors by hnn dms from youtube Brndon nd Cllie shring n intimte moment during prctice. In Seson 1 y becme n officil couple despite vrious rodblocks He snuck out to meet her t Girls United nd y sw ech or t museum y texted during Cllie's temporry move y were once thought to be broken up due to misleding text sent by nor house member When Stef's fr dies Brndon is tempted to tell everybody tht y're dting but Cllie is not redy fter tough time y gree to mutul brek up yet lso confirm y do love ech or - but Cllie needs fmily more thn romnce reltionship struggles when y both hve tough time getting over ech or though Cllie gets bck toger with Wytt Brndon is left on thred fter tking blme for lcohol brought to school prty which ws pinned on Cllie nd when she lies to him bout sleeping with Wytt s Brndon gets into cop cr Cllie confesses to Brndon bout lying when she sid she slept. < href="/wiki/File:Brndon_%26_Cllie_%22Secret_Love%22" clss="sprite info-icon"> Brndon ∓ Cllie "Secret Love" by KyKiki from youtube < href="/wiki/File:Brndon_x_cllie_iris" clss="sprite info-icon"> Brndon x cllie iris by MUSICLKID1014x from youtube Cllie confides in Brndon night she got rped nswers tht it's not cool In morning Brndon proposes tht she tells Bill bout to which she rejects Brndon helps Cllie with Srh Cllie confides in Brndon into explining Lim nd night she got rped Brndon feels sorry Cllie llows Brndon to sty with her while she explins everything bout Lim to Stef nd < href="/wiki/Len_dms-Foster" title="Len dms-Foster" clss="mw-redirect">Len In < href="/wiki/Clen" title="Clen">Clen Wytt becomes jelous of Brndon nd Cllie's reltionship to which she denies Brndon sks why would Tly think tht Brndon nd Cllie re toger now when she isn't with Wytt nd she disregrds question

===< href="/wiki/Seson_5" title="Seson 5">Seson 5 === < href="/wiki/File:Brndon_%26_Cllie_%22y_Don%27t_Know_bout_Us%22" clss="sprite info-icon"> Brndon ∓ Cllie "y Don't Know bout Us" by KyKiki from youtube In < href="/wiki/_Honeymoon" title=" Honeymoon"> Honeymoon Brndon nd Jude get into rgument bout his reltionship with Cllie When Jude tells him tht he not ny better thn Lim Brndon defends himself by sying tht he isn't Lim nd he. In < href="/wiki/Over_Under" title="Over Under">Over Under In < href="/wiki/Sty" title="Sty">Sty In < href="/wiki/Mor_Nture" title="Mor Nture">Mor Nture In < href="/wiki/D%C3%9j%C3%0_Vu" title="Déjà Vu">Déjà Vu In < href="/wiki/Going_South" title="Going South">Going South In < href="/wiki/It%27s_My_Prty" title="It's My Prty">It's My Prty In < href="/wiki/Dughters" title="Dughters">Dughters In < href="/wiki/Idyllwild" title="Idyllwild">Idyllwild In < href="/wiki/Lucky" title="Lucky">Lucky In < href="/wiki/First_Impressions" title="First Impressions">First Impressions In < href="/wiki/Mixed_Messges" title="Mixed Messges">Mixed Messges Brndon confesses to Cllie tht he wnts m to. Brllie (Brndon/Cllie) is given nme for romntic/friendly/frternl reltionship between < href="/wiki/Brndon_Foster" title="Brndon Foster">Brndon Foster nd < href="/wiki/Cllie_dms_Foster" title="Cllie dms Foster">Cllie dms Foster ir romntic reltionship begins in episode "< href="/wiki/I_Do" title="I Do">I Do." < href="/wiki/File:Cllie_%26_brndon_sty_%E2%9D%4_" clss="sprite info-icon"> Cllie ∓ brndon sty ❤ by SKristi101 from youtube Brndon nd Cllie meeting in Pilot When he finlly reches her she tells him tht she hs to get her bror Brndon seems conflicted on wher to skip clss or follow Cllie He ultimtely decides to follow her On ir wy to her former foster fr on bus Cllie explins to Brndon why she ended up in juvenile delinquency which leds her to pln on rescuing Jude t ir rrivl y come up with pln tht includes Brndon to distrct mn while Cllie gets Jude Cllie goes through bck door while Brndon is tlking to mn mn sees Cllie nd strts yelling t her mn pulls out gun nd holds it t Brndon y re lter sfe In cr Brndon nd Cllie re seen looking t ech or for short moment

In < href="/wiki/Sixteen" title="Sixteen">Sixteen In < href="/wiki/_Show" title=" Show"> Show In < href="/wiki/Kingdom_Come" title="Kingdom Come">Kingdom Come In < href="/wiki/Potentil_Energy" title="Potentil Energy">Potentil Energy In < href="/wiki/Sfe" title="Sfe">Sfe In < href="/wiki/Trust" title="Trust">Trust In < href="/wiki/Contct" title="Contct">Contct In < href="/wiki/Telling" title="Telling">Telling In < href="/wiki/Prom" title="Prom">Prom In < href="/wiki/Line_in__Snd" title="Line in Snd">Line in Snd In < href="/wiki/Mny_Rods" title="Mny Rods">Mny Rods < href="/wiki/File:Brndon_%26_Cllie_Hunger_(_3x09)" clss="sprite info-icon"> Brndon ∓ Cllie Hunger ( 3x09) by FlowerxHerts from youtube Brndon nd Cllie mking music toger night Brndon nd Cllie re in Brndon's room mking music t some point he receives text messge from Tly sking when he would come over He blows her off gin to sty with Cllie resuming mking music nd enjoying ech or's compny < href="/wiki/File:_night_we_met_brndon%26cllie" clss="sprite info-icon"> night we met brndon∓cllie by epicrinmoments from youtube In Seson 3 Brndon tries to tlk to Cllie t end of yer prty nd she blows him off to go tlk to someone women who re supposed to recommend Cllie for doption must investigte Brndon nd Cllie's pst reltionship Crmen thretens to tell her socil worker bout Cllie's reltionship with Brndon when Cllie ws t Girls United Believing she won't be dopted Cllie hs sex with Brndon t Idyllwild y lter exchnged "I love you"s nd pln to tell ir moms bout ir reltionship but when Crmen surprisingly keeps her mouth shut y brek up gin in order for Cllie to finlly get dopted

< href="/wiki/File:Brndon_%26_Cllie_Hppier" clss="sprite info-icon"> Brndon ∓ Cllie Hppier by ironist from youtube In < href="/wiki/Things_Unknown" title="Things Unknown">Things Unknown Brndon nd Cllie tlk fter ll tht hs hppened in Seson one finle Cllie tells him she doesn't wnt to look for her biologicl fr s she will be 18 soon She hints t possibly wnting to reconcile her reltionship with Brndon t tht time sying y won't need nyone's permission In < href="/wiki/Tke_Me_Out" title="Tke Me Out">Tke Me Out In < href="/wiki/Ply" title="Ply">Ply In < href="/wiki/Truth_Be_Told" title="Truth Be Told">Truth Be Told In < href="/wiki/Mor" title="Mor">Mor In < href="/wiki/Leky_Fucets" title="Leky Fucets">Leky Fucets In < href="/wiki/Someone%27s_Little_Sister" title="Someone's Little Sister">Someone's Little Sister In < href="/wiki/Christms_Pst" title="Christms Pst">Christms Pst < href="/wiki/File:Cllie_%2B_brndon_perfect" clss="sprite info-icon"> Cllie + brndon perfect by hnnmrin from youtube